Laser Skin tightening
Des Moines, IA

Aging, sagging, and dull skin is often very difficult to treat with lasting results.

Laser Skin Tightening

When it comes to skin tightening, many creams and serums can achieve some small level of improvement. But as we all know, daily application and messy products can be a hassle. New derma-rolling techniques attempt to boost collagen production by intentionally stabbing the skin’s top layer with micro-needles. This surface destruction offers some improvement but typically results in visible redness, irritation, itchiness, and UV ray sensitivity.

The Harmony XL Pro NIR technology immediately tightens the skin with noticeable results that last for up to 2 years! After just 24 hours, users will also notice an improvement in skin texture as it continues to smooth out and plump up with a radiant glow. Over the next 2 to 3 months, you can enjoy gradual improvements in texture, firmness, and evenness.

High-powered light in the near-infrared spectrum reaches past the skin’s top layer to gradually heat sub-dermal tissue. The Near Infrared Light is barely visible to naked eye and falls in the spectrum of 700nm to 2500nm. NIR therapy is powered by LED which has a gentler delivery than laser and will not damage tissue.

This targeted light energy is applied with a precise hand-piece and it causes fibers to contract and tighten. The tissue is heated, but not destroyed, so it kick-starts cellular repair and collagen production. Unlike other treatments, the top layer of skin is completely unaffected. At the most, some users experience mild redness that fades quickly and it feels just slightly warm during treatment.

How is skin tightening achieved by this treatment?

The unique light technology can be adjusted to match your unique needs and there are two distinct applicators for both face and body. The NIR technology delivers targeted skin tightening and firming results for the chin, forehead, neck, and crow’s feet wrinkles. Extensive collagen production under the surface plumps fine lines and wrinkles naturally. The laser technology uses the body’s own natural healing processes to rejuvenate sagging skin.

You can also utilize near infrared energy across your entire body to diminish the look of cellulite and sagging skin. Firming upper thighs, smoothing out crêpe-y skin, and tightening the skin on your abdomen have never been easier. Sagging, dull, and uneven skin can be addressed across small target zones or large areas of the body. With NIR, the practitioner can choose a stationary position or utilize the In-Motion™ technique for gradual heat build-up.

Are there any side effects to this treatment?

A built-in cooling system works in tandem with non-toxic cooling gel for your comfort. Unlike peels and resurfacing products, the NIR doesn’t impact the top layer of skin and you can walk out with little to no side-effects. In fact, the entire procedure takes just 30 to 40 minutes, so it’s often nicknamed a ‘lunchtime skin tightening.’ There’s little to no downtime, so you can go right back to work after treatment.

Many users achieve the results that they’re looking for after just one session. You can walk away with a visible lift and increased firmness to rejuvenate sagging skin in just 30 minutes. Brightening and smoothing results continue to increase over time and the benefits last for well over a year! In some cases, multiple sessions are preferred for larger target areas or more dramatic skin tightening results. Still, it only takes 3 to 6 treatments, each 8 weeks apart, to transform aging skin, tighten wrinkles, and reclaim your youthful glow with near-infrared energy.