intramuscular injections
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Intramuscular (IM) vitamin injections are injected into the muscle and then absorbed into the bloodstream, allowing for a much higher absorption rate than oral supplements that must pass through the GI tract.

Intramuscular Injections

Studies show that many of us are deficient in a number of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin shots are a great way to get yourself back on track. Vitamin absorption through the bloodstream can be more efficiently utilized by the body, whether by injection into a muscle or infusion directly into the bloodstream. Absorption through your digestive system, while also very effective is slower and often requires more frequent dosage.

IM Vitamin Injections are great for those with busy schedules who want to be in and out in 15 minutes or less. You may receive more than one IM injection per day, which will be administered in different injection sites. If you have questions about which injections pair well together toward addressing your goals, please call or text before booking.

Intramuscular Injections:

Lipo-mino: Known to support fat burning, energy, and appetite suppression.

B12: Excellent support for energy and keeping nerves and blood cells healthy.

D3: Essential for bone and muscle strength, plus supports immunity and even weight loss

Tri-Immune Boost: A powerful combination of Vitamin C, Glutathione, and Zinc to give your immune system a serious boost

What to Expect When Getting an IM Vitamin Injection

Most of our injections can be given in the arm or deltoid muscle, however, if you prefer, they can be given in a larger muscle such as the dorsogluteal site located on the outer aspect of your buttocks near your hip.

The injection site will be cleaned with alcohol and one of our nurses will administer your shot.  You may feel a slight pinch and some of the vitamins cause a mild "burning" sensation, but the injections are not necessarily painful. Afterwards, we’ll hold pressure and apply a bandage per your preference. That’s it!

Many of our vitamin injections are given on a weekly basis for optimal results.  Please ask us about package pricing!