Des Moines, ia

ClearLift™ is a state of the art, NON-ABLATIVE treatment alternative to traditional skin resurfacing and surgical face lifts with no pain, no downtime.


The ClearLift is one of Harmony XL Pro’s most popular treatments featured! Utilizing a powerful Pixel Q-Switch Laser, this targeted light therapy stimulates collagen production underneath the skin’s surface.


The ClearLift shrinks, tightens, and resurfaces your skin without any numbing or needles! This innovative procedure is virtually painless with absolutely no down time. ClearLift is nicknamed the ‘lunchtime facelift’ because it typically takes under an hour and resembles surgical facelifts without the surgery.


How is ClearLift different from other lasers?

ClearLift utilizes acoustic light to gain access into deeper skin layers and regenerate collagen. It doesn’t ablate the skin (destroy or remove). As such, the process is virtually painless, and there are no downtimes, even though it is a significantly slower skin tightening process. Patients are recommended to take anywhere between 3 to 6 monthly treatments. ClearLift reduces pigmentation, tightens pores, and softens wrinkles and fine lines. Regular treatments with ClearLift result in a clearer, cleaner, tighter, softer, more rejuvenated, and plumped, lifted appearance.

Is ClearLift similar to Microneedling?

Although both treatments aim to increase collagen production, there’s a dividing line between Microneedling and Laser treatments. Lasers (especially ClearLift) integrate photo acoustic light to gain accuracy and target more specific areas, which would be difficult to reach otherwise. This way, they also stimulate collagen regeneration without damaging any surrounding skin tissues. Also, since there isn’t any needle involved during the procedure, there is no risk of pain due to numbing and no downtimes.

Can ClearLift treat melasma?

YES! Though Melasma is a life-long condition that needs to be managed, ClearLift uses unique settings to mitigate the pesky pigmentation. ClearLift is ideal for melasma as it uses photo acoustic light rather than thermal energy, which is a main contributor to melasma. The laser energy specifically targets the pigment producing cells (melanocytes) in the dermal- epidermal junction to stimulate the tissue to create new cells without the melanocytes. In the process, it disintegrates the cells that carry the melanocytes to reduce future pigmentation issues. It will be especially important to protect your face from the sun when treating melasma.

Can ClearLift be used on dark skin?

YES! ClearLift is safe on all skin types and most body parts.